Great News Insurance Discounts Available through Joanna Clarke's Driving School 

Joanna Clarke is registered on First Ireland's Drivefirst Scheme. This scheme offers new drivers big savings on their insurance. 

First Ireland has negotiated exclusive discounts from a select panel of underwriters to drivers that complete 10 or more lessons with a registered instructor. They are offering a 1 year introductory discount and up to 20% off their first insurance premium. 

On completion of your 10th lesson Joanna will issue with a certificate of completion of these lessons and a direct number to contact First Ireland on to claim your discount. 

Remember that if your 1st learner permit was issued after 4/4/2011 you must take 12 compulsory EDT lessons so most learners can take advantage of this fantastic offer. Even if you don't need EDT Joanna Clarke's Driving School recommends taking 10 lessons during your learner training so you can gain the skills to keep you safe on Ireland's roads so you too can claim your discount. 


Joanna also operates a franchise with Irish School of Motoring who are partners with AXA Insurance and offer discount of up to 400€ after completion of 12 hrs of instruction and further discount of up to 20% by taking an AXA Test Drive. 

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