Terms &  conditions

Joanna Clarke's Driving School operates under the same Terms and Conditions as ISM and under RSA's voluntary code of practice for driving instruction

Full details of terms and conditions can be found online at www.ism.ie but in the interests of keeping it simple, here are the highlights.....

Joanna conducts lessons in a fully insured, dual control tuition car, prices include the use of this along with all fuel costs. Lessons can be carried out in the pupil's car provided it is insured and roadworthy, there is no reduction in price for this.

Timing - If Joanna is late for a lesson the full lesson time will be made available that day or on a mutually convenient alternative date. If a pupil is late the lost lesson time will not be made up for and full lesson fee charged.

Cancellations - There is a strict 48 hr notice period for lessons cancelled by the pupil. Once a lesson is booked it is held for that pupil and unavailable to other pupils. If a pupil cancels within 48hrs of the lesson the full lesson fee is charged, because there is no time to reallocate the slot to another pupil, which increases wait times for those looking to complete or start their lessons. In the event of a late cancellation/ reschedule a replacement slot may not immediately be available. Joanna will make every attempt not to make changes/ cancellations of slots herself once they are booked or confirmed, if it is unavoidable a replacement slot will be offered as a priority and 48hr cancellation fee does not apply.

Joanna understands that on occasions it is necessary for a pupil to cancel or reschedule a lesson within 48hrs of the lesson, however where a pupil regularly cancels late a decision may be made not to rebook. Where the first lesson is cancelled within 48hrs a replacement slot may not be offered. All no shows are charged for.

Joanna appreciates everyone's assistance in these matters.

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